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About The Foundation

Director of Learning:

  • The Foundation is looking for a highly-collaborative, equity-centered and inquisitive professional to work with their fast-paced, innovative, and growing team. The new Director of Learning position has been created to help maximize the impact of the Foundation’s community investments with a deep focus on community engagement. Reporting to the Chief Program Officer and directing a small team of consultants, the Director of Learning will design, lead and draw implications from traditional and equity-centered methods of learning and evaluation to inform strategy, grantmaking, and organizational change efforts. Above all, as a member of leadership, the Director will apply their passion for social change; ability to engage with multiple stakeholders; research and analytical capabilities; and unique experience to advance the Foundation’s mission and ambitious strategies.

Food Security Program Officer:

  • The Foundation is looking for an approachable, trustworthy, and creative professional to work with their fast-paced, innovative, and growing team. Reporting to the Director of Food Security, the Food Security Program Officer will assist in the implementation of the Foundation’s food security strategies with an annual community investment of approximately $5 million. The Program Officer will help facilitate an effective workflow with the Food Security team comprised of the Director and a team of consultants. Additional tasks include monitoring grantmaking and developing relationships with key partners, including the Hawai’i Community Foundation. With guidance from the Director, the Program Officer will be instrumental in continuing to operationalize the Foundation’s grantmaking strategies and helping further refine its giving approach. Above all, the Program Officer will apply their passion for social change; ability to engage with multiple stakeholders; research and analytical capabilities; and unique experience to advance the Foundation’s mission and ambitious strategies over the next nine years while actively engaging in ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Stupski Foundation primarily funds organizations in San Francisco and Alameda Counties and Hawaiʻi that address Food Security, Postsecondary Success, Early Brain Development, and Serious Illness Care.  Between 2016 and 2017, the Foundation focused on what to address in each issue area. In 2018, it focused on creating an initial set of strategies within each issue area. From 2020 onwards, the Foundation will work with its partners to determine which investments are most impactful.  The Foundation will work quickly and iteratively to help create sustainable, lasting impact before closing its doors in 2029. The Foundation is also embarking upon an equity advancement process and seeks candidates who are committed to equity and who are eager to help build its organizational culture. 

Stupski Foundation strives to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture focused on continuous learning and welcomes individuals with work and lived experiences in the issue areas and communities we seek to serve. The Foundation does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, size, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law and is an employment-at-will company.

To apply, email a cover letter, resume, and list of three references (candidates will be notified in advance of any outreach to your references) to on or before 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 15, 2020 noting the following additional instructions:

  • Use the title of the position you are applying for as your email Subject: i.e. "Director of Learning" or "Food Security Program Officer." 
  • To foster an open and impartial application review process that minimizes the potential for bias, please remove any reference to academic institutions from which you obtained any degree, if applicable.  You should still list any degrees without reference to the school just simply list the type of degree conferred, for example: “Bachelor of Arts in Economics.”
  • Submit Microsoft Word or PDF files only (one combined PDF file is preferred).

About The Opportunities

Stupski Foundation is a private spend down foundation investing all of its assets in the next nine years to address some of the Bay Area and Hawaiʻi’s biggest challenges.

How to Apply